Meet Seth


I’m Seth Gregg, the Chief Operating Officer of The Club Foundation. I’ve been representing CMAA and The Club Foundation for a little over a decade. Since I started here in 2003, we’ve grown the Foundation into a significant funding source for the many programs administered by CMAA. Our corporate program, which impacts both the Association and the Foundation, has grown to $1.5 million annually in the past 8 years. It’s really exciting to get to provide resources for future and present club managers to better educate them on how to operate a more efficient business (club).

If you know me, you know I wear orange and purple whenever I can. Why? Well, I am a Clemson Tiger and you can’t have enough orange and purple in your life –  even if it doesn’t match. I enjoy golf and tennis which fits in nicely to this industry. I have two children, Grace and Eddie that make every day better. Along with my wife Anne, we have been blessed to watch them grow-up in the DC area. I can be found screaming at a TV on any Saturday or Sunday depending on the outcome of a particular football game. Some of my favorite activities are taking walks with Grace or watching Eddie play sports.


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