#CFImpact Amy Shaftel: Willmoore H. Kendall Scholar

Amy Shaftel

Amy Shaftel

Amy Shaftel is a 2013 Willmoore H. Kendall Scholar, and has been working in the club industry for approximately 30 years.  She has attended BMI Club Management (formerly BMI I) and BMI Leadership Principles (formerly BMI II), and most recently used the scholarship she received to attend BMI General Manager/COO (formerly BMI III) in November 2014.  Having the tuition for these programs paid for has put her club in a position to support her continued education as she works toward achieving her Certified Club Manager (CCM) designation.

As a result of her involvement with CMAA, Shaftel was recently promoted to Assistant General Manager of the Seattle Yacht Club, and has been given more responsibility in running the club. She also says that she has more confidence in attending House, Finance, and Board Meetings.

Shaftel says the contacts she has made at the BMIs are invaluable. When she has questions, she has a variety of experienced managers to call for advice. Receiving the scholarship made her club’s management, her peers and her club members consider her expertise in a new light.

Shaftel values that The Club Foundation provides educational opportunities at all stages of careers for dedicated club managers, and describes the Foundation as “an extremely valuable resource for career advancement in the industry.”

Shaftel graduated from Oberlin College, and has a Masters in French Civilization from New York University. She attended New York Restaurant School, took hotel management classes at the New School for Social Research, and classes at La Varenne in Burgundy. She has worked at the Seattle Yacht Club since 1992, starting as the Catering Director and becoming the Assistant General Manager in 2013. She lives in Seattle with her husband, a firefighter and retired Air Force Pararescueman, and has two sons, one a freshman in college and the other an Air Force Pararescueman stationed in North Carolina.


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