#CFImpact: Alexis Hoey – Faculty Internship Program

Alexis Hoey

Alexis Hoey

Alexis Hoey began her membership with CMAA as a student member in 2001, and is now a faculty advisor for the student chapter at the University of Houston. Hoey says that the faculty internship was extremely useful to her becoming the chapter advisor, and has greatly enhanced her role in CMAA. She gained a full understanding of all of the resources CMAA provides to its chapters, from contact networks to educational materials, and says it is invaluable to have this wealth of information at your fingertips.

During the faculty internship, Hoey attended CMAA’s Leadership Legislative Conference. She says seeing the industry’s leaders from all over the country come in and talk was an amazing experience. She particularly liked hearing about students who started their CMAA interests and careers in college only to have an amazing career await them as a result of the support and connections they gained in CMAA.

Alexis describes the networks and all of the resources provided by the Club Foundation and CMAA as invaluable to the industry as a whole. In her personal career, Hoey says that the faculty internship provided resources and vital information to the student chapter. As a result, she says, Hoey is able to be a better advisor, and better educate her students. She encourages all of them to apply for scholarships and conference internships, as well as positions throughout the industry.

Hoey has been the chapter advisor for 5 years. There had been several before her, but none of them completed the faculty internship. Hoey says that through the internship, she has been able to expand the knowledge of CMAA faculty and students. Research grants have also been extremely useful, allowing for the continued education of colleagues, as well as overall awareness at the college.

Hoey is her chapter’s cheerleader and proponent of CMAA at her university. She strives to get the students as excited about it as she is, and it has been working. Hoey’s chapter has won Club of the Future awards at World Conference the past two years in various categories, and they continue to be one of the strongest student chapters in the country.


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